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Delinquent Chobits Delinquent Chobits

Rated 5 / 5 stars

For those of us outside the box...

Not big on sampleing but your anime series is hot.
There is such things as haters and if you keep it up, youll have a target on your back real quick. NG can be petty like that.
Keep up the good work.

DJ-Delinquent responds:

I disagree

ther is no such thing as a "hater"

if u dont like a certain track for some reason than that is your opinion

and if ther is a target on my bak let it stay


Dead Hero (demo remix) Dead Hero (demo remix)

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Hate to poopoo your farce

but cobain killed himself because of impersanators like yourself. some might call it ironic, that you write a song about someone who killed himself because people like you wrote songs like this. the line where you said
"well he impressed me so much
he never made much sense
i prayed to see him once
not just on a tv set"
-really explains it all. but in hopes of being constructive, listen to Nirvana a little closer and then GET YOUR OWN SOUND.

Gunshy responds:

ok, it took me a while to figure out just what to say here, mostly because i've never been accused of retroactively causing a rock star's suicide before.
kurt died in 1994, and i wrote this song in 2002, so i really don't get the logic.
my response:
uh, no. cobain was murdered.
but if he did kill himself, it's because he saw his music being used for football commercials and NASCAR promos, and was so depressed about it that he couldn't bring himself to perform the old songs, let alone write new ones. ("you know you're right" is probably the worst song ever written by anybody, anywhere, in my opinion.) besides, there's a gigantic difference between impersonation and imitation, and i trust most NGers are smart enough to know the difference. i don't wear a dirty blond wig while performing this song, and i purposely wrote a bridge/music break that kurt would never dare play.
i think it is you who should listen to nirvana more closely, and realize that while some portions of this song may be considered highly reminiscent of Nirvana, there are many, many more aspects of it that attempt to defy the traditional sound of grunge... using change-ups, breakdowns, and back-up vocals.
but thanks for trying to play the high-and-mighty card with me (as well as blaming me for his suicide), it was certainly fun to hear negative criticism about this song. frankly i'm surprised someone didn't chime in sooner, accusing me of some kind of plagiarism or whatever... i encourage you to listen to more of my repertoire, and find out for yourself that i write (and will continue to write) songs which step WAY out of the grunge label or the "nirvana sound" (which is really just the pixies' or melvins' sound anyway, or the beatles' sound if they used heavier distortion).
i'm not exactly sure why you bothered to quote me in your review when that line has nothing to do with your argument. i think you just wanted to let me know that you read the lyrics along with the song, which i really do appreciate.
yeah, kurt impressed me, as he did all of us. music wouldn't be what it is today without him. this song is tribute to him, and was written to sound as such.
there are a million other bands that sound exactly like nirvana trying to pass it off as something completely original. at least i had the balls to make it the point of the song. it's not my fault kurt killed himself, if that's what happened.
it's corporate america's fault. it's heroin's fault. it's courtney's fault. it's mtv's fault. it's not gavin rossdale's fault or anyone else that you think sounds like nirvana. kurt was probably glad to hear other bands sound like them, because he hated making music, in the end.
trying to say that it's my fault that he killed himself is not only really uncool, but it's also totally false, and i find it repugnant that you would even suggest such a thing.
thanks for listening.
nice icon, btw!

Best Bet Best Bet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

dam good

Forget about better gear. You've got that Robert Johnson quality to your playing. Your voice even sounds like Bradley Nowell with a country whisp. Keep it simple boss. Quite beautiful. You take what you get and make the best bet.

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RubberBandMethod responds:

Thanks bro, it sounds as thought you know you're blues. I'm glad to hear that.